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Be the Economical

I have to confess... I'm a bit of a cheapskate ok ok I'm a total cheapskate when it comes to certain things like getting manicures.  I love the look of polished nails but can't bear to fork over an Andy Jackson only to have it chip and wear off within a week.  Tried a little something different today with this cute confetti/glitter polish I found for $0.99.  Top coat polish from Jordana also less than a dollar.  First layer is a sheer pink that I've had so long the label has worn off!  I think it's from Revlon... 


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Thank you to everyone who has visited this site and left encouraging comments.  I appreciate and thrive off of sharing and learning about new things everyday, which was the intent of this little hobby.  I have been away due to a hectic personal life (who's isnt?).  I finally have a little time to breathe and spend time doing what I love-- creating content about skin care, beauty, and health :).  Stay tuned for new posts starting September!

Korean Skin Care Secret #4

A little preview... Will be up this weekend!!!

Korean skin care secret #1: Rubber Mask 고무 팩

As a Korean female, I'm always getting asked-- what is the secret to the beauty of Korean women's skin?  Is it something we put on our skin?  I've decided to start a series on my youtube channel revealing what it is Korean women do to achieve healthy and glowing skin.   There is honestly no secret, but Korean women (for the most part) are fanatical about maintenance and visit the dermatologist regularly.  Take a look at my series on my youtube channel for instructions--