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Korean Skin Care Secret #4

A little preview... Will be up this weekend!!!


  1. Hi , long time no see , Waiting for your new video & post :) Have a nice day .

  2. Hello,
    I have been watching your videos on YouTube.
    I have started the routine you have adviced and my skin is way better.

    Why don't you do new videos?


  3. I like your blog, Cant weith for new posts :)

  4. Awwww, where's the video?

  5. No video? It's been months. Disappointing. :(

  6. yea :( u havent been updated in a very long time

  7. The good old faithful Sea Breeze for Sensitive Skin. This fresh clean astringent works really good to get all that makeup off that facial wipes and facial wash didn't get. Then I moisturize.

  8. It's been over an year now,please comeback~

  9. Just came here to say hello :) I would like to see more videos. By the way, your voice is beautiful.


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