Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Too Pretty to Eat

I was delighted when a client brought in some Dragon Fruit from Chinatown... I've always wanted to try it but did not know how to eat it!  You simply section it into wedges and peel off the fuchsia skin.  I'd say the taste is a cross between a pear and cactus (though I've never had cactus I would imagine it would taste like this hehe).  I think it is more visually stunning than it is tasty :(.


  1. hey! that looks really good!
    when will you post the lotion toner mask? I think ive heard of that mask from this book called "japanese skin care revolution"

    1. i'm recording the voice over as i type this!!! it'll be up tomorrow :) thank you!!!

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  2. i've never tried that fruit either!! but i always think it's sooo so pretty on the inside!!!

    haha as for the shoes.. yes the platform does help dramatically.. but it takes practice.. i've been wearing high heels for going on 10+ years now.. a lot of times when i get new shoes i wear them around the house to ease into them too :)

  3. You should eat the red dragon fruit. It is more tasty than the white one. I know it because it's my favourite fruit :D