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beauty and the eats: antioxidant smoothie

Do you believe that you are what you eat?  I've always stuck to the notion that what you eat is more important than what you slather onto your skin.  Committing to a healthy diet is not only good for your body, but also results in beautiful glowing skin.  Kill two birds with one stone why dontcha?

Check out my new video series on my youtube channel:  The first video will be posted up tonight!!!  A passion of mine that I've decided to put into action!  Beauty from the inside out.


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Thank you to everyone who has visited this site and left encouraging comments.  I appreciate and thrive off of sharing and learning about new things everyday, which was the intent of this little hobby.  I have been away due to a hectic personal life (who's isnt?).  I finally have a little time to breathe and spend time doing what I love-- creating content about skin care, beauty, and health :).  Stay tuned for new posts starting September!