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Manic Monday

You can never go wrong with a classic red nail... especially if you need a little pick-me-up to start the new week!  Happy Monday!


  1. hi sweetie, your nails look fabulous. thank you so much for your sweet comment :) i usually wear a nude colored bandeau or a spaghetti strap nude tank made of very thin material, so it doesn't add bulk. good luck!

  2. whenever i paint red it gets all over the place and its never even
    but urs looks perfect

    1. the key is to do two coats--
      don't worry about how perfect the first coat is.... maybe i'll do a tutorial on it :)


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Thank you to everyone who has visited this site and left encouraging comments.  I appreciate and thrive off of sharing and learning about new things everyday, which was the intent of this little hobby.  I have been away due to a hectic personal life (who's isnt?).  I finally have a little time to breathe and spend time doing what I love-- creating content about skin care, beauty, and health :).  Stay tuned for new posts starting September!