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Korean Skin Care Secret #3: Lotion/Toner Masks

Currently editing my next video!  This post-cleansing step makes such a huge difference in the overall condition of your skin tone, clarity, and hydration.  


  1. yay! i can't wait to see what lotion you use.. i'm always on the hunt for a better moisturizer!!

    oy i've been thinking about doing a makeup post because i've gotten a few request for it.. but i dunno if i'd be any good haha i don't really consider myself a makeup guru or anything i just kinda slap it on.. and hope for the best hahahaha!

  2. Replies
    1. Soon!!! I've been so busy-- will have it up by this weekend :)

  3. OMMGGG you are the most helpful beauty guru EVER

    please make more videos and share ur beauty secret knowledge with us :) <3

    1. You are too sweet :) I will share more with you!!!

  4. pleaes please pleaseee post this video!!!
    Ive been waiting and im really excited about this!!!!

    sorry if im too impatient


  5. Did u just mix a lotion and a toner and soak a cotton pad in it?

  6. When will you post it? :(


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